Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Green ... with Envy

This color almost looks black. It's from Zoya's 3 green promo.. Envy.  Envy is a deep olive green creme.  It goes on smooth and is opaque in 2 coats.  I'm not a huge fan of dark greens but I think next time I wear this one I will stamp over it with white or silver.

Zoya seems to have their formula down to a tee because it applied evenly and in 2 coats was fully opaque with no streakies.  I think this would look much better in the sun so you can tell that it is green and not black. However, this would be an excellent alternative to a black polish.  I topped it with SV- my new love!

The 3rd green of the Zoya 3 green promo was Suvi.. This green is lighter than Envy and has a bit of a shimmer to it.. however, the sun was not out so you cannot see it.. but check out that shine! SV top coat for the win! It applied exactly like Envy, awesomely.

 *thanks again to my sister in law for 'modeling' for me:) *


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