Monday, March 21, 2011

Zoya Intimate Collection- Part 1

*Caution: picture heavy post* :)  I started off with swatching Zoya's "Caitlin".. it's a pretty grayish purple.  It applied well with two creamy coats.  I'm still getting used to the Zoya brushes, which are thinner than OPI, but I think they are flexible enough to not leave streaks.  I also have wanted to use my Color Club's "Covered in Diamonds" and thought Caitlin would be a great background for that.... and I think I was right :
It's like a party in a bottle :) Covered in Diamonds was something I had seen online in a bottle and was hesitant to get it.  I was afraid it was not as awesome flakie goodness as it says it would be... boy was I wrong! Love this to jazz up a color or extend a mani :)

Here is my favorite gray.. Dove by Zoya.  It's soft and doesn't look too masculine or hard.  It's a delicate gray that took two coats and applied great!

I have been wanting to use my red Konad Special polish so I thought now would be a great time... The stamp is from M15 and I used black and red special polish
The last one for this post is Marley.... now Marley is hard to photograph, even in my light box. Zoya really has some great formulas because this color is so delicate and pretty but still purple and noticeable.  I really wanted this to stand out so I stamped it with Konad special polish and plate M64.

The plaid is hard to stamp because you can see every mistake, so I kind of did it funky style and did not worry if it was a bit crooked.  I like it off centered.. gives is pinash  and personality :)


  1. Oh I've hesitated about getting that Covered in Diamonds polish as well, but since you're saying that it's awesome I might actually get it. :D

  2. I like Marley! Did you order any new Zoyas with their new promo?

  3. Hi Josie! Ya, I got Rica and Faye.. I'm in a glitter mania phase right now I think :)

  4. I have yet to use mine, but I think I'll try Caitlin first :)

  5. ohh wow that color club polish is a beaut!

  6. I <3 Covered in Diamonds!

    PS: Great blog name :D

  7. Maki: CID is awesome! and thanks, I kinda like monkeys :)


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