Monday, April 11, 2011

Deborah Lippmann: Naked with Glitter in the Air

I've been on this mission, sort of, to wear more nudes and neutrals.  I think my mission can stop because I believe I have found the perfect nude.  Deborah Lippmann's "Naked" is ah-mazing! It's described as a clean bare beige that's sheer. 

 The formula is extremely creamy and applies like butter- no streaking what so ever. You could do one coat in this without a problem, I did two.  Also, since it has a bit of brown hues in it, I didn't feel like I had mannequin hands which made me confident wearing it for 4 days.. yup, *4* days!

Here's a picture of it in my light box- it brings out the tones more and you can tell it blends well with my skin, a true nude for me!

And then....

Glitter in the Air... It's OK to stare at it's prettiness.....
go ahead, in this case it's not impolite...

Glitter in the air is a sheer sky blue confetti.  If you enlarge the pictures, you can see the hex glitter in blue and a gorgeous salmon pink, smaller round glitter in the same colors and the flecks of blue and pink smaller glitter in the polish. It also has the faintest shimmer when you look at it in the right light. Glitter in the Air was inspired by Pink's Grammy Awards performance (for those who did not see it, she had a sheer body suit covered in glitter).

I really love the salmon pink and blue glitter combo- bravo!

Since it is so sheer, I put it over nude and I actually liked it more than I thought I would.  Since the beige color is so soft, the glitter adds an understated reflective interest.  It did not streak either and the glitter for the most part stays put as you apply it as you would a normal creme.

If you have ever tried Deborah Lippmann polishes, you can understand the hype, they're incredible.
You can purchase Deborah Lippmann through their online store, at high end retailers such as Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and  Barneys New York.

*product was sent to me for review*


  1. I want Glitter in the Air a LOT, but I've never spent more than $10 for a bottle of polish. It's almost double that. But it's soooooo cute. But my husband might kill me. But it might be worth it. Lol, I kid! Kind of! ROFL, this is my internal battle right now! Maybe I can make a trade with someone for it. Yeah, there's an idea. Thanks! lol

  2. True nude, I agree! I have about the same skintone as you, so now I want Nude, too bad it's so expensive :(

  3. i love naked! <3 isnt it the shade nicole kidman was wearing @ some/recent awards show? :D i know its so expensive, esp to a broke student like me... boo~~

  4. I'm sure there's a Naked dupe out there somewhere if you searched in online. They are a bit expensive but the formula is amazing.


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