Friday, April 22, 2011

sOPI: Mermaid to Order, and stuff

 So you guys saw a little of Mermaid to Order from my challenge post, but this is what I had done with it before that. 

OPI's Sephora line is sometimes a hit or miss, this one's... well... both.  Hit: the formula is great, this was 2 generous coats and the color is beautiful.  Miss: the color is not unique and I felt like I wanted to do something else with it.

It's a frosty teal that flashes purple, gold, dark blue and in that sense it's pretty, just not unique. 

In an attempt to make it unique, I thought I'd stamp a peacock from the Bundle Monster plates.... yea.... um.... The feathers kept coming out all wrong, so I decided that it would just be an accent finger peacock. Then I added Nicole by OPI's Nicole... Spotted.  *THEN* I went for Nubar's Sour Candy for chunky glitter.  hhmm... where to start.
Numbar has the chunky hex holo glitter with smaller round and mini glitter... miiinniii glit-ter! It's suspended in a clear teal-esque base, so is Nicole Spotted but in a different hue.  I'd say these two glitters should be friends because the look good together, especially over a frosty teal... but that peacock!

I like how white looks on the polish so maybe stamping something like stars over it would be prettier.  This mani wasn't a fail for me but it wasn't a total win.

News: have you guys checked out Manicured Monkey on you tube or on the You Tube tab on the blog? :)

I've also been thinking about starting the 200 follower giveaway early, say at 190.  What do you think? What would you like to see in it? I've had some feedback and kept that in mind when I went shopping :)

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