Sunday, May 29, 2011

Color Club: Revvolution and Worth the Risque

Everyone seems to love holographic polishes these days, and I'm no exception. Frustratingly, however, it seems like all of my favorite brands have stopped carrying holos -- which, of course, increases their rarity and accordingly, their price! I happened to find two of Color Club's holographic polishes for a great deal recently, though, so I had to snatch them up!

Worth The Risque and Revvvolution are both from the 2009 Femme Fatale collection. I've heard that some people have problems getting the proper holographic versions when they buy them online, so I'm relieved that the ones that arrived at my house were lovely in their sparkly goodness.

As with most holographic polishes, these colors really sing in direct sunlight. As you can see, Revvvolution is a black holographic. In the shade, and indoors, it's a shimmery dark color. When you get outside, though -- watch out. It's not the strongest linear holo that I've seen, but the rainbow is bold and hard to take your eyes from. This was two coats, although I could have stopped at one.
Then, of course, I had to pull out my Mash plates to amp this mani up a little (told you I used the cute bow design again!). I tried Worth the Risque by itself (no pics) and found it to be a nice silver in the shade, with the odd flat finish that these holos seem to have. In the sun, it's a stronger linear holo than Revvvolution, but not more granular than, say, OMG. You can see that it stamped quite nicely over the black, completing the look.

Lots of holos lose their color when topped with anything other than a special topcoat, like OPI DS -- this one looked just as great when I threw a coat of SV over it.


  1. i dont own a lot of polishes but i must say that these two are my favorites... :)

  2. So wonderfull! Remember the silver holo of CG!


  3. wow nice ribbon design once again! the holo on this is really strong :D great mani!

  4. Revvvolution is one of my all time favorite.
    I love the combo!

  5. Ugh I need a stamping system . These look so nice !

  6. It's holorific and cute. Love!

  7. toyomi, mash is a nice system so are the new bundle monsters (from what I hear).

    Thanks for all the comment love! I normally wouldn't post the same stamp 2 days in a row but it was like a holo present!

  8. AWESOME! I've seen this mani with different colors but, this is my favorite. :)


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