Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jordana: Silky Purple and Good Luck Charm

Jordana Cosmetics is a new brand to me and boy am I glad I found it! I was sent two great polishes for review: Good Luck Charm and Silky Purple (cute names right!).

 First is Good Luck Charm. It is an almost jelly that has awesome shimmer to it.  The color reminds me of a margarita or a lime, it's a pretty greenish yellow.  Since it is a shimmer, it doesn't get fully opaque.  My pictures are in my lightbox using 4 coats and you can see nail line.  I actually like the way it looks wit nail line though, but I put it over white on my thumb to show you the layering possibilites.
You can see the shimmer even from a zoomed out picture, which I completely appreciate :)

If you enlarge the picture of my thumb, you can see it has orange/gold and green/lime shimmer to it.  Another thing about this polish that I really liked was that even though it is a shimmer, it did not streak.  Totally cute polish for summer!
 The second polish I received was Silky Purple. Now you all know how much I love purple, and this polish was no exception! It has a great formula that is highly pigmented.  I did two coats but you could do one generous coat if you have a steady hand.  This purple is the perfect lavender color; not too blue not too red.  These pictures are with a top coat of SV. The formula is smooth and the brush is nothing complicated and totally functional, even if you have wider nail beds.  I'm quite the fan of this brand now because not only is the formula and brushes great, the prices are good as well!

I've seen some Jordana make up at Walgreens (not polishes at mine) but you can order directly from their website and the polishes retail for $1.99. Awesome right?! They also have nail striper polishes and treatments.  

You can find out more about Jordana Cosmetics on their website , or on their Facebook or on Twitter @jordanamakeup 

**Polishes sent for review by company**


  1. Good luck charm sort of reminds me of Milani Neon Lites. Its a bit brighter though and it looks more opaque. :)

  2. I like Good Luck Charm the most but the Silky Purple looks unique so I'd definitely consider getting it. I've seen Jordana products at some dollar stores so I'll definitely test some out and maybe pick up the ones you swatched.

  3. I like Silky Purple! I haven't bought any of this brand yet, but the only place I can find them is at Kmart...

  4. The purple is gorgeous! I am a sucker for purple taupe creme polish!

  5. yum to the purple but good luck charm is a nice colour to try

  6. WoW!!! friend, Perfect nails, beautiful glaze.

  7. wow! they had about 20 different colors of this brand at the dollar store in my mall. I didn't trust it but now I'm definitely going to go back and get some. The green one looks just like the Sally Hanson Hi-def

  8. thanks for the comments everyone! this polish is affordable and apparently easy to find! love it!

  9. OMG! Look at Good Luck Charm, so gorgeous!


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