Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dr.'s Remedy Summer 2011 Swatches

 Hey everyone! I have a treat for you today! Dr.'s Remedy sent me their new Summer 2011 Collection- Hot Hot Hot Summer Shades!

Let me tell you about the colors then we'll get to how cool and innovative the company is.

First up is Tranquil tangerine.  This polish is so pretty; it shimmers and flatters.  The tangerine description is spot on.  It's not orange or a yellowish orange, it's literally tangerine.  It has gold shimmer in it that looks lemony to me.  It's quite a refreshing color and is awesome for summer.  I will for sure be rocking this on my toes!
This was two coats, no top coat!

Next up is another frosty shimmer called Bold and it's a baby blue.  I almost think that these shimmers look like foils in person because they shimmer so much down the nail from light reflection.  This color is a soft blue and is cheery and light and is described in the press release as "aqua meets turquoise" which is accurate for this! I did two coats and no top. It has minimal streaking, impressive for a shimmer/frost. Another fun and stunning color. I did two coats and no top coat; all that shine is natural.

The last frosty shimmer in the collection is Glee gold. This color has some serious pretty factors happening.  The color of the gold is a true gold, does not look like "fake gold" or overly metallic.   It doesn't look heavy on the nail either. I did 2 coats and no top coat.
 It's a fabulous color to wear to a pool party or a summer cocktail mixer.
 The first creme is Lovely, a lavender shade that is highly pigmented.  I used one coat for this polish with no top coat, it dries semi matte and is extremely pretty.  It's a smokey purple that is still cheery and happy.  I think this color is a great alternative if you want to take a break from summer neons but still want something pretty and bright.

Last up is the last creme, Nurture which is a nude.  This nude is super pretty, I did 2 coats and encourage you to enlarge the picture to see the pink and gold barely-there shimmer. This nude is just a clean color and not plain because it has the hint of sparkle which adds depth- love it!

Here's a little bit about Dr.'s Remedy and the podiatrists that created the company.

I really love their polish and it's a great value because it's enriched with tea tree oil, vitamins and wheat protein so I don't mind leaving it on my toes for a long time (when I get too lazy to change my pedi)!

You can find order these from their website and they retail for $17. They also have treatments.

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  1. i love LOVELY, bold and nurture!
    great swatches :D

  2. These are all very pretty... my favorite is Lovely :)

  3. amazing!!! so glad they came with this so vibrant colors!

  4. Lovely is a good name for that one. :)

  5. Pretty and a brand I have missed completely! Where is it sold? The bottles look like a Chanel bottle copy. Doe the square top come off for easier application like on Chanel?

  6. beachgal, you can click "website" and I have it linked to their page, you'll love these!
    Karen, I totally agree! haha
    also, thanks ladies :D


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