Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nubar: Iris Dust

I recently did a trade with someone and got Nubar Iris Dust in exchange.  This polish is nuts in the bottle! It's purple and gold with a hint of green all duo-chromed out.  I started with Orly's Frolic and then did two coats of Iris Dust.

Irish Dust is much too sheer to be a base color and even as a top coat, I wanted to do 2 coats.  It's so pretty. It turned purple into gold, green, bronze and changed in the light and angle which you viewed it.

I took it to my light box to manipulate the lighting and try to show you how it changes with angles.  Look at my index finger, it's a nice shimmery plum, then it changes to a gold shimmer.. It's a great top coat and really transforms a polish color.

Another great thing about putting a top coat color on a polish is that it can change your manicure with minimal effort and it can cover up any imperfections you may have had when polishing.  Overall win in my book.


  1. Just amazing!
    I hope someday use some color from nubar!

    kisses =*****

  2. This is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us via swatch...also that it is not good for an opaque app but only consider it as an overlay. I am major lemming this shade now. How autumnal it looks here.


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