Monday, July 25, 2011

Nubar: Mali-Blue and holo top coat

Love this Nubar!  I was lucky enough to have a friend find a bunch of Nubars for me (stay tuned for holos too!). Mali-Blue is a frosty cool blue. It was opaque in 2 coats and I just love the hue! This color also dries fast which is really  nice.

I didn't top coat it because... wait for it.... I added a Spectra Flair top coat over it! for those who aren't familiar with Spectra Flair, it's a paint additive used for auto body painting that turns the paint holo.  I added two coats of SF which is in a clear bsse, then topped it with a quick dry top coat.  

The color changed quite a bit to a more gray/silver blue, but the trade off is the major holo that you get.  You can enlarge and see the linear rainbow.  I like the SF but I really want it to not dull the color so much because Mali Blue is gorgeous!


  1. OK where do I get this Spectra Flair stuff? I must have it!! Am a new follower and added you to my blogroll!

  2. you can get it on Ebay UK, but this top coat came from someone who had been selling them

  3. Mali-Blue is pretty on it own. And of course with the holo topcoat, even if the color changed a bit.

  4. I love this shade. I have a growing collection of Nubar polishes and think I need to look for this one - Never heard of Spectra Flair until one for me - love the holo and it's great over this shade of Nubar

  5. Spectraflair was new to me as well, until I read this, I have already found a place to buy it and it have only been 10 minutes since I read the post.

    Thanks for the post! :)


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