Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Orly: Frisky and Frolic

I received 2 polishes from the Happy Go Lucky collection from Orly. If you remember, I posted a press release on the collection a while back.  Nice a creamy colors with one shimmer in the collection.  I really love Orly's cremes because they are very pigmented and you could get away with one coat.

First up is Frisky, a teal creme that is beautiful.  It is soft and soothing but still very fun and a color that gets attention on your nail.  I did two coats of this one to smooth out my shaky application.  I like that this color is teal but somewhat looks minty to me without being too green or blue.  Seriously a pretty color.

Next up is Frolic, a purple creme. I think this purple is understated.  it has the same soft feeling as Frisky but is not a pastel.  I did two coats and it was easily opaque.  I did not use a top coat and you can see the creamy finish to both colors.

These two are right on par with Orly's great formulas and as I've said before, I am a huge fan on the handle and brush! The Happy Go Lucky collection releases this month and some people are starting to find them. You can check  at Sally's Beauty or online at Orly.

*Product sent by Company's PR firm for review*


  1. I like frolic it a lot . I don't really see a lot of purples this color .

  2. I'm wearing Frisky right now. I really like it :)

  3. What a nice colours! I love Frolic ;)

  4. i'm really excited about frisky. is it similar to for audrey?? it looks like it could be :)

  5. courteney, Frisky has a bit more personality, it's brighter on the nail and not as pastel. I like this formula better than FA as well.

  6. I love Frolic! I don't own any Orly polishes yet, but after seeing this I just may have to get some!


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