Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beauty UK: Lip Lust and Pearl Eyeliner

Recently Beauty UK sent me two fun products to review: Lip Lust and Pearl Eye Liner.  They are a cosmetics company and have all sorts of fun stuff from gloss to polish and tools.
About the Lip Lust: (from Beauty UK's site)
Lips, lips, oh luscious lips! Richly pigmented and lightly scented gloss to bring a new dimension to any look. Flavoured with papaya, mint or strawberry and applied with a soft and svelte applicator, everything about this gloss leaves you feeling all warm inside!11 brilliant shades to choose from!

I was sent Moulin Rouge which looks like a bombshell red in the tube but to my happy surprise transferred to my lip as a shimmery/glittery dark pink. I did a light coat, but it does layer well if you want darker color.

The tip of the tube is fuzzy and I think adds to the smooth application because it doesn't pool up but rather spreads.  It is lightly scented and feels barely there on the lip.  These retail for 2.99 GBP and you can see the other colors here.

This is going in my purse for when I need some quick easy color to my lips! You  can see in the swatch that if you add more than one coat, it becomes more opaque so you can choose your density

The next thing I received was a liquid eye liner. I swatched it on my forearm for you so you can see the real color. Here's a bit about this beauty:

A unique collection of glimmering, pearlescent liquid liners that dry with a pearl like opalescence. Liquid Liners can be worn alone, or smudged together to give you unlimited options.
Available in 8 shimmering shades. 3.49 GBP. 
I started with a more dense application then thinned it out so you could see how it shimmers with depth.  (I suggest enlarging the picture too). It's pretty awesome to have a liquid liner that is pearly instead of flat and dull.  One thing I really liked was the wand because it was contoured so it fit in my hand well, like I was holding a customized pen.  
I love that their products are shimmery and not flat. I think it adds a happy feel to the look and draws the eye to the lip/eye. They also have liquid glitter liner that looks amazing and a ton of BAKED EYESHADOWS!! Don't forget, they also have polish products if you're not too into make up :-)

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