Saturday, August 20, 2011

China Glaze: Trendsetter

Trendsetter is the one polish out of the non-glitters from the Metro collection that stands out the most to me.  China Glaze really did a different polish with this color.

I'm not sure what to even call it.. I can reference it against brown mustard but more of a yellow under tone... but I don't like mustard so we'll say its....

Well, whatever you want to reference it against, it's unique. It has great gold micro shimmer to it which I adore. I think the shimmer makes the polish. If it wasn't for the shimmer, I'm pretty sure this would just be a "gross" yellowy murky mess of a color.

I applied two coats, no top coat and it was easily opaque with a decent drying time.  Here's a close up of the golden shimmer.. you're welcome :-)

What do you think? Would you wear this color? too fashion forward?

I have 4 other polishes from this collection to show you and I think I'll mesh them into one post.. stay tuned...


  1. i really really really want this! ...Keeping my eye open on ebay for it. I love this on you sweetie xx

  2. I have been seeing this polish a lot lately on the blogs. This is the first time the photos have really showed off the shimmer in it! Great photos! The polish name is perfect for it! Such a unique color and it looks great on your nails.

  3. When I saw it, even in the promo pics, I didn't like it. I still don't care for it, but seeing it on you in the swatches it does have a certain appeal.

  4. I actually will probably buy this color... This doesn't remind me of metro colors though, it actually reminds me of antiques for some reason.. Whatever the reason, it's a beauty in my eyes and will probably be purchasing it soon!

  5. this is awesome, very like whitecap in the look of it obviously not the colour lol

    shel xx


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