Monday, August 8, 2011

Kleancolor: Midnight Seduction

Kleancolor Midnight Seduction is awesome! It’s super micro glitter in a clear base, I enlarged a picture for you to see the micro glitter colors.  I can see silver, blue, gold, pink, green.. it’s endless!  

This is only 2 coats and it was opaque. I’m not sure that I would put it over anything because it is so spectacular by itself.  It reflects a lot of light and isn’t as hard as most glitters to clean up.  The one thing I have noticed about Kleancolors glitters and holo glitters is that they are thick.  
blurred so you can see the holo fun!

This means it takes a while for them to dry but they are only 1 or 2 coat toppers, which is a great pay off in my opinion.  I got mine from and they’re under $2!  (you all just left my page to go look at their site huh?);-)
I have many of their layering polishes to show you and I think you will really like the possibilities with them I also started making some jewelry with them, which I’ll have up on my Etsy shop soon.  The glitters are awesome!


  1. I think this very pretty!

  2. I'm so glad I got this one!! I can't wait to wear it!

  3. Pretty! Looks a little like the new CG City Lights I think the name is in the downtown collection of the Metro for fall.


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