Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nubar: Prize

Today I’m going to introduce you to Nubar Prize, a coral/pink scattered holo. I received this from a friend who is awesome at finding the great places to shop (Thanks Jamie!).  I used 2 coats for it to be opaque and the formula is great, I did not have any pooling (where the polish collects where your skin meets your nail).  The scattered holo in this is really pretty and mostly has the gold glitter, but you can see blue really well and if you look hard enough, purple!  The pictures show Prize as more of a coral or pink salmon color but it really is more pink than it shows.  I’m a fan of the Nubar handles and brushes too, easy to grip and the contour is nice because I feel like I won’t drop the handle or it won’t slip out of my hand while I’m applying polish.  So far I love my Nubar polishes and I have more holo ones to show you like Reclaim! Great stuff!!


  1. GREAT to see this one as I have been looking at the Nubar Prisms and wondering if they are bumpy like glitter or smooth like sparkles???? I have about 4 picked out of this Prism collection that I think I want. Please let us know how they feel on - bumpy or non. Thanks and looking forward to seeing more of this set from Nubar. I really like the Nubar's I have - I bought the entire Riske Red's collection and about 8 other bottles in one shot from a dealer in the LA, CA area who has great prices on the collections, but same as everyone on the individual bottles.

  2. Gorgeous! It's a really nice color. Love it on you. <3

  3. Kristen, is this a gritty or smooth finish? if it's from the Prism collection then I'd imagine it'd have a gritty finish like Jewel and Gem?


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