Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NYC: In the Spotlight Swatches (polish) Fall 2011

Here is the polish part of NYC's In the Spotlight collection for Fall 2011. I have to say, it's awesome and for $1.99 a polish, can't beat it. Each color was 2 coats to full opacity and it's quick dry which helps to get you out the door faster.  I also used no to coat.

I want to try out a water marble with these babies! Take a closer look, I left the collage picture large for you (click on it) so you can see detail.

 Scenestealer Grey: a blue steel gray with a frosty finish. Reminds me of gunmetal but with blue undertones.

Backstage Brown: a bronze brown with gold undertones (this one is actually a little darker and shows a shade lighter on camera with the light box. You can see where the lights are not hitting it, the color is deeper.

Underground Purple: a magenta with purple shimmer and flecks of light pink and purple. Amazing this one!

I have the make up portion of this coming later in the week for you. I have a feeling you will love that as well, the palettes are made to compliment eye color and the lip stains look amazing.

These are all limited edition and can be found at major drugstore chains, mass merchandisers and on www.newyorkcolor.com.

*product sent by company's PR*


  1. Since Fuchsia is a yr round color for me - of course my eye went right to Underground Purple! Nice one - good shots!

  2. Pretty! i always see these at the drugstores but now I'll have to buy some!

  3. Definitely into the grey, yay new colors!


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