Friday, September 2, 2011

NYC: In the Spotlight Swatches (make up) Fall 2011

Here are the new palettes from NYC for Fall 2011: In the Spotlight collection. These limited edition palettes accompany the beautiful polishes I posted this week.  The three palettes are perfect for fall and are shimmery and include a primer and an illuminator in each along with an application sponge wand.  All were swatched over primer and pictures were taken under a daylight bulb. The colors are actually warmer than they picked up on camera. I wish I could have done a look with these for you but I'm suffering for major allergies right now and cannot wear make up for a few weeks.

Fall Makeover for blue eyes
Left to Right: simmery taupe, peachy tan, rich brown suede and brown with green undertones. Primer is on the bottom left and the illuminator is on the right. Both are creamy.  The illuminator is sparkly and is on the very left of the swatch.

Designer Denim for brown eyes
 The blue palette is gorgeous! Left to Right: pearly white, shimmer teal, rich matte navy and sparkly black (looks like it has holo glitter sparkles in it). I blended the white with the teal so you could see how great these look blended. They're all smooth and have great pigment.
Hot Couture for green eyes
 This palette is one I want to wear with a comfy sweater for fall! Left to Right: frosty white (similar to blue palette but a little more grey undertones), rose pink, deep grape purple, and the fabulous sparkly glitter black.

The blush is amazing. It is sheer but is shimmery and adds just enough color. I swatched it on my arm under a day light bulb so it is a bit hard to see the true color, but you can see the shimmer and the above picture shows you the true color.
 The lip stains I was super excited to try out. I have never used lip stains before so this was all new to me. It was super simple to apply; like coloring or drawing on your lips.  These stains also smell really great, they are light and berry.  I included a picture of the tip for you to see how it is like a felt tip marker, really nice! I also did not have to press hard to get more color out, which was nice so I didn't abuse my lips during application.
 Colors from top to bottom on the left are: Work it Plum, Fashionista Mauve and Look Book Pink. The bottom is the blush under a natural day light bulb so you can see the shimmer (remember it's not really white).

For a full list of products from NYC you can look on their website.
The 16 hour lip stains sell for $4.99, Cheek Glow blush $2.99 and the Individualized Custom Compacts retail for $4.99.

 You can find these at major drug store chains, for your closest location check HERE.

*products sent by PR*


  1. The blush is really pretty! Is it a limited edition color?

  2. Oh whoops, the blush is limited edition! Should of read your other post more closely! Thanks for the swatches and photos though :)!


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