Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Guest Post: Essence Holografics from Trailerhood Chic!

Hey everyone! Check out Harri at TrailerHood Chic, she rocks pretty hard :) Thanks for guest blogging Harri! (you can click to enlarge her collage)

Hey y'all!  My name is Harri and I have a blog over at TrailerHood Chic. Kristin asked for some people to do guest posts and I jumped at the opportunity.  Kristin is wonderful & her blog name cracks me up.  When I sat down for a swatch fest I wasn't sure what I wanted to do for my post.  Then I remembered I'd bought a TON of polishes over the weekend. :D

Three of my new polishes are 3 of the Essence @ (yes it's spelled different I checked the bottle).  There are 5 colors in this collection, but both Ulta's I went to only had a display with 3 colors and only had 2 of each color.  There were no more spots on the display for the other two.  SO, the ones I have are 01 GAGALECTRIC, 03 BLUE RAY, and 04 PRISM@TIC WHITE.  Those missing are 02 LIL@C and 05 HOLOBERRY.

To me, these really don't look holographic, except in the bottle on the nail they're more duochrome-y (yes, that's a word).  I'm not really sure how I feel about these yet, but I'll give you a little info on them.

~03 BLUE RAY (upper left) - This is 2 coats AND a top coat only because I was going to layer the other 2 over to see what they looked like.  It's a beautiful blue that flashes to purple.  Really liked this one.

~01 GAGALECTRIC (upper right). - This is 4, yes FOUR coats.  I definitely think this is better as a layering polish.  Maybe over another lavender, white, or black color.  It's like lavender with a light blue flash.  Unsure of it still.

~04 PRISM@TIC WHITE (bottom right) - This is 3 coats.  Also, in my opinion, better as a layering polish.  I'm OCD and hate seeing VNL with any polishes.  It's an extremely sheer white with what looks like a light blue flash, but in the bottle looks yellow/green.  I'm tempted to take this one back. :/

~The bottom left pic is 2 coats of Blue Ray with 1 coat of the others.  Prism@tic White is on the index and ring ringers.  Gagalectric is on the middle and pinky fingers.  Doesn't really look much different to me & in fact, it makes the blue look teal.

I think I've rambled enough for these.  Be sure to come check out my blog.  I have a giveaway ending mid October you might want to check out. :D



  1. DOH! I forgot to mention these were $1.99. LoL. Thanks for letting me be a guest. :D

  2. I like only the one in the top left corner.. :)

  3. A great collection but too bad they're not real holos!

  4. Oooh - I got Blue Ray in a parcel last week. I'm so going to have to get it out soon and try it as that looks fantastic!


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