Saturday, October 1, 2011

OPI: DS Glamour

When I had started my blog back in March, I was at a friends house peeping her polish. She had DS Glamour and didn't know how hard to find or cool it really was. I painted my nails with it and then did a quick post here about it. Well, now I am the proud owner of OPI DS Glamour :-) I seriously love this polish! It's clearly a holographic bombshell of a formula, 2 coats it was opaque and I top coated it and had no holo dulling. It's a blue linear holo with purple undertones- gorgeous!! I did my accent finger in DS Amethyst (and my thumb). I like the idea of two accent fingers so I may play around with that more.  I wore this mani for 4 days and loved every second of it. However, it was a bit distracting when I was driving :). This polish is so holo that even in faint natural light you can see the sparkle. I did not take outside pictures of it (I usually never do with holos) because I feel that it drowns the holo effect out, whereas in controlled light, you can make it shine. The pictures are true to color by the way, I know sometimes blues/purples are hard to photograph.  Great polish, really nice sparkly mani!

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  1. Holy polish! *___*
    Any time I see again this DS my eyes are glittering *___*

  2. omg so gorgeous!! I am hoping mine would arrive in the next couple of weeks, cant wait to try it!

  3. Major pretty - I have at least 14 of the DS series (maybe more) but I don't have Glamor and now I am going to be looking for one!


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