Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nubar: Jewel and 3D flower

Oh how I love Nubars! This was a mani I wore for Thanksgiving.  Nubar Jewel is a cappuccino medium brown with holographic glitter.  It was opaque in two coats which rocked.  I added a 3D acrylic flower to my accent fingers. It was a solid blue so I added China Glaze Fairy Dust over it to add more sparkle to it and also used a silver foil polish to define the center of the flower.  It's a great easy mani the only thing that bugged me was removal. Since it's a micro glitter polish it was painful to remove, not as bad as a glitter bomb but more effort than a holo polish.  Totally worth it though because it's a gorgeous color.

News: almost to 1000 followers and I've been coordinating a giveaway with multiple winners and awesome stuff up for grabs, so stay tuned :)  The blog's also on Facebook if anyone's interested; I post previews and news and stuffs!


  1. This is a gorgeous manicure Kristin, I love the blue flower, makes the manicure more interesting.

  2. I just bought my first Nubar today! I'm really loving this one, though holo glitters aren't really my thing.


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