Thursday, December 22, 2011

Zoya: Hope

I need a break from Christmas/holiday themed manis so here is Zoya's Hope. You know I love me some purples and this is no exception. Hope is a purple that flashes pink and has purple and pink micro shimmer in it. I applied 3 coats with no problems and topped off with SV. I really love how the shimmer looks through the SV, like looking through glass, it's great. You can see in my pictures that it changes from the deeper purple with blue undertones to the pink purple with the red undertones, super awesome.  I was going to stamp over this and post it but I didn't like the way the stamping looked, hence the plain swatch.

Update: I'm waiting on two things for my giveaway (tracking them down to see where they are) but I'm hoping to have the giveaway up by Tuesday, and I hope people aren't too out of town, because it will be a cool giveaway :)


  1. I am adding this right now to my always ongoing Zoya shopping cart so it's ready for those FAST sales Zoya will put out that have limited order #'s or short limit on time frame (esp by the time I seem to hear about them). I cannot believe there is a shade from Zoya in this range I have missed. Purple, pink, red undertone - and yes the SV top coat puts that amazing looking through it as if it has a real clear depth to it - gotta love our SV top coats. Thanks so much for bringing up swatches of this great shade!


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