Monday, January 30, 2012

Bootie Babe water marble

I feel like it took almost 6 months to receive these polishes.. oh wait, it did. Bootie Babe Mossy Bossy is a lime green creme with yellow undertones. Lilac Lunatic is a pale lilac with pink undertones. I wasn't really digging each color on its own so I marbled them. As much as the company irritated me by always saying "only another two weeks..." their polishes marble well. Although, I still wouldn't pay for them because the bottle is awkward to hold onto, the wand is small, the handle is pretty non existent.  I have Spoiled My Button Fell Off as a base coat (pale pale pink) which was a good choice. I wish the lilac would have turned out more purple. I'm getting back into the swing of water marbling, so stay tuned for more :-)


  1. Aweseome!!
    The colors are perfect together!!

  2. Gah!!! I LOVE this!!! I seriously think this is my second favorite watermarble of all time!!
    p.s. I voted! :)

  3. You're still way better at it that I am, this looks slick!

  4. Looking like springtime! I love watermarbleing...but I have not mastered it yet.


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