Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Milani: New 2012 Shadows and Powder- review and swatches (lots of pics)

I have the second and last half of the Milani make up for 2012 today.. some awesome shadows/liner/brow tint/powder coming right up!
right side is dry, left is wet
First up Milani Runway Eyes Shadows. These can be used dry or wet but wet gives you much more pigment. 14- Antigua is a fabulous olive green with gold shimmer. 15- Golden Touch is a yellow gold that would be great for a highlight color. 16-Peaches and Cream is rose color with gold shimmer, this one is for sure best when it's wet if you want lots of pigment.

The Baked Eyeshadows are the must haves from the new shades.
16- Must Have Fuchsia is a warm and bright pearl pink that gets a little darker when applied wet but has great pigment either way. 17- Copper Excess is an awesome orangey copper that has an intense effect when it is applied wet. 18- Green Fortune is a shimmery combination that looks earthy. When it is dry, it is more green but when applied wet, the colors mesh to brown with gold shimmer in both. 

I swatched these wet and dry, the version on the left is wet and the right is dry; you can see the contrasts. These retail for about $7.49.
Next up: Brows and liner! The felt tip on these are amazing and easy to control, which is great for me because I don't always have a steady hand. On the swatches below I did a thin line first with just one coat, the one to the left which is thicker is when I pushed a little harder and did two passes. The liner kind of bled on my skin but I suspect it wouldn't do that on the lid. I like that these are "pen" like and not too much product pours out of the tip when you use it.  The Brow Tint Pens retail for about $5.99, the Eye Tech Extreme for $7.49, both well worth it in my opinion. (I'll have a look with these later).
And to add a bit of color to your face, here are the Face Illuminators (loving these)
The Milani Face Illuminators are great for many uses: contouring, bronzing, adding some cheek color. They are silky and light and retail for about $9.49. I would use 3- Beauty's Touch for some color to my cheek bones for some brightening up. 2- Hermosa Rose could be used for either a bronzer or a highlighter depending on your skin tone, same with 1-Amber Nectar, but this one on my fair skin could be used as bronzer as well. Overall, lots of multi purposes for these and are best applied with a kabuki brush for a light shimmer. 

*products sent for review*


  1. I love both eye shadows! the marbles are beautiful, but I also love me some shimmer!!

  2. Wow thanks for the great post! I was really curious about the Green Fortune eyeshadow. It looks so pretty, but shows up different than I expected. I bought a few of their eyeshadows for the first time recently and really like them...and the curved brushes!

  3. Im loving the runway eyeshadows


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