Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ladybug Polish Holder Review ( @LadyBugHolder )

 I got this sent to me for review.. it's neat! I have never tried a polish holder before, I've thought about it plenty of times, but never have. So this is the Lady Bug Nail Polish Holder (get it... it's red, has black "dots")....

The idea behind a polish holder is so that it tilts the bottle so you can get more polish on your brush when your bottle is running low. I also liked using it for full bottles because since it tilts, I felt that the neck of the bottle did not get clogged up when I wiped off excess polish.

Here's a bottle of CND Sticky base (love this base coat by the way) that has little left in the bottom. You can see how deep the brush goes in and how much of the brush is actually out of the liquid. Normally, you'd have to tilt the bottle every time you dip the brush back in, but with the Lady Bug, you don't have to....
This is the bottle inside the holder, you can see it's spongy so it grips the bottle and tilts it. I have the cap unscrewed a little bit but when you dip the brush in to get the polish, you're doing so at a downward angle and the brush is submerged in polish.

Here's a picture of the foam and the diamond shape that's cut out. The good thing about the cut out shape is that it can hold bottles that are all different shapes and weights. I tried CND, OPI, Ozotic and SV and all worked just fine. Since this is rounded it will not fall over and spill your polish, it simply rocks back to the upright position. It stays tilted because of the shape of the black rubber circle it sits on (it is flat) and the weight is balanced just right.
Kind of nice not having to worry about your polish spilling :-)

You can follow the company on twitter HERE and you can purchase the holder HERE from Amazon for $7.95

*product sent for review by company*


  1. This is so cool. I actually have it on my amazon wishlist. I am always worried I will spill my polish so I have thought about getting a holder many times.

  2. This is so cute. I actually have it on my amazon wishlist. I have thought about buying a holder many times cus I am afraid I am going to spill my polish.

  3. I might just have to order one of these!!

  4. so cute, and such a great idea!

  5. coooooooooooooooooool !! you get all the best toys :( xx

  6. That is really neat! I think I might want one. I have a few bottles that could really use that tilt action!

  7. ooh thats interesting.. i think i want one lol.. i wish i can see a picture from a further view =).. so i can see the whole thing.. I would think it would fit any polish since its spongy.. looks cool. wonder if it comes in any other colors lol or bugs =)

    1. I bought a couple of them and they worked really perfect!. This little thing was my SAVIOR, the Ladybug Holder. It was such a relief after years of struggle with nail polish spills!. I also ordered many of them during the "Gift Season" , it really saved my budget as the price was very reasonable, and I was able to make everybody happy:-)
      Don't wait, go and order one, you will never regret you did!


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