Saturday, April 28, 2012

Deborah Lippmann: Between the Sheets + Fun2 (monkeys!!)

I have had a major lemming for Deborah Lippmann Between the Sheets for a while now. Finally I killed it with my Apothica order. It's a purple creme that has pinkish undertones (guess that'd be red undertones huh... yea... well...) it's wonderful! It was opaque with no problems in 2 coats. DL really knows how to do the cremes as far as coverage and formula goes but it did chip on me on day 2! Sad monkey! Speaking of monkeys, I used FabUrNails Fun2 plate to stamp the monkey. Johanne said that the monkey was inspired by me :) awesome! Her plates are great and very unique, check out her facebook page. I didn't wait for my Konad black to dry so the top coat smeared... alot, but still, it's such a cute mani!


  1. I also surrendered and grabbed a bottle of DL Between the Sheets a week or two ago! I've been struggling coz it seems not a super unique color but with that price tag.... anyway it looks gorgeous and love your monkey design :-)

  2. The little monkey belly buttons just crack me up! :D

  3. This one is in my untried pile. Looks so pretty on you and I love the little monkey!


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