Thursday, April 26, 2012

Zoya: Wednesday + CH8 (Stamped with surf collection)

I really enjoy Zoya Wednesday from the summer zoya collection of Surf and Beach. I stamped over it using my Cheeky CH8 plate in a design I've never used before; it's like swirly/flower pedals/ something rather. I stamped using the Surf Collection, index and middle are Rory, ring is Zuza, pinky is Carly. I changed it up a bit because I wanted to see how Carly and Rory compared and they are pretty similar, just that Rory isn't quite as dark out of direct light. Zuza against Wednesday was super hard to photograph and while it showed up fine in person, it was still faint and would fall under the "subtle mani" category. 


  1. How cool! I needto get these zoya polishes for stamping! :)**

  2. The colors together are so great!
    I love it!

  3. This is so adorable!! I love the stamps and colors you chose :)


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