Saturday, May 19, 2012

Split Watercolor Mani with Glitter

Hi Monkeys! I'm busy moving today so you'll see a few guest posts fill in again while I'm transitioning :) I tried a split watercolor mani a while back I started with a coat of Sally Hansen Fog and chose Bettina Amethyst and Sapphire. Amethyst and Sapphire are both shimmers and very very pretty, I only did one layer of each over Fog so it would look delicate and I would stand a chance at blending lines better. I glitter tipped the mani with Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe which is a multi colored glitter and its very dense and very shiny :)
For the "watercolor" part of it I basically just painted my nails with the Bettinas then took a fan nail art brush with acetone and ran it over the top so soften the color up. I also added a matte top coat so the shimmer would pop even more. 


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