Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bellacures!: A Salon Review by Brie

I have a treat for you today: I was offered a chance to go to Bellacure Salon in Pasadena, CA, but since I live in Nor Cal, not So Cal, my awesome sister in law was able to go and she wrote a review for you guys. So Cal ladies and gents listen up!

New to the quaint yet trendy Old Town Pasadena, near the corner of Fair Oaks and Colorado, is Bellacures, hip in its own right with a casual-sheik look, feel and general ambiance. "Casual-sheik?", you say: chandeliers and giant mirrors with concrete floors and comfy arm chairs. Believe it or not, it works. As does the mixed music compilation of French pop and the Rat Pack. The location may prove a drawback, off the main drags, facing an alley, but in that neighborhood, perhaps there is no such thing as a bad location. Time will tell.

As for the services, ahhh...starting with the polish selection: a large collection of OPI and Essi, with a few China Glaze options; Gelish for gels. I partook of special offerings: the Awesome Threesome manicure and Awesome Threesome pedicure. The Awesome Threesome pedicure is well worth the $65 price tag and includes a sea salt scrub, clay mask and paraffin dip in addition to polish and typical pedicure fare. For a splurge on a pedi, I'm happy to recommend this service. An item to note: we've become accustomed to the spa jets and massaging chairs typical of so many salons. Not so at Bellacures. Comfy arm chairs with throw pillows and water tubs for feet are apparently all that's required because I did not miss the jets or chair massage in the least. 

That same $65 price tag for the Awesome Threesome manicure did seem a bit steep. The gel manicure, paraffin dip and additional massage time were all amazing and truly an awesome threesome when grouped but didn't seem to be quite the same value as the Awesome Threesome pedi. Both sets of services included lots of attention to detail and experience. 

So, would I go back? Already planning my next trip with mom and sis!

To find out more about Bellacures you can visit their website HERE. Other links: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

*services provided courtesy of salon*

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  1. Pricy as in too pricy for my pocket book, but what is not in Pasadena area? I don't do any kind of salt scrubs - they are way too harsh and drying on my skin so I would never let them use that on me...sugar scrubs only or some kind of other exfoliant that is non peppermint (also have issues with peppermint as it 'gets' to my mucus membranes and burns. I find I really don't like to have my nails or feet done. I end up with buyers remorse when I know I can do the same thing at home and usually end up with a better job. I swear by my Swedish Fot File (now sold At Sally's). I use it almost every night on my feet as well as my fav Barielle Foot Cream. My nail treatment is also Barielle - strengthening cream and their Intensive Nail Renewal Oil - both can be bought from Barille direct - or you can get the pro versions at Sally's - the oil is named different at Sally's. I do my own gel cured manis at home when I opt for one. I have a home light I bought. You can use any polish - just need the special UV gel top coat to seal it in. I am in the Pas area a lot as going through cancer treatment with City of Hope. They should offer a discount for hospital patients.


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