Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cheeky: CH 46- space mani

So this is a quick mani I stamped over my Glitter Gal Soft Lady Beetle the other day... I went for the space theme using the new Cheeky plates: CH 46. I used three images from the plate: the moon and stars (LOVE this one!), space ships and a single large space ship (super cute!). I stamped using Milani White On The Spot (great alternative for more expensive Konad polish). I think I killed this one with too many top coats though because it later chipped then peeled. It may also have been from doing dishes and having my hands in water; we'll blame it on that.... no more dish washing :) haha. This plate didn't give me any problems how some of the non-finalized images are etched too deep etc, this one came out fine and it was super cool having the color shifting under the space images, overall, I really enjoyed this mani for the 12ish hours I had it on.

*Cheeky plate provided for review*


  1. Really love this!! Definitely putting these plates on my wish list!

  2. OMGGG you did this design?! I saw this and this is why i feel inlove with nail stamping!!!! I bought my first set which was cheeky and then found out new ones where coming out, or already did. This is so pretty ! You did an amazing job.

  3. haha I did indeed :) The new cheeky plates aren't out yet but hopefully soon!

  4. I love the stamping over duo/multichromes:)


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