Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Challenge: Jubilee Street Party (CH41)

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee (for those non UK'ers) is a celebration of the Queen taking the throne and this year is the 60th anniversary. The theme today was street parties, which apparently happen during this time (being an ignorant American, I have to believe what I read on the interwebz). I did one coat of Milani White on The Spot followed by two coats of Essie Pink A Boo. PAB is a super sheer pale pink shimmer that drives me nuts like Kim-Pletely in Love did- it's streaky and will never ever be opaque but the tone of it is great so I deal with it. I stamped hamburgers, fries and pizza using the new Cheeky plates CH41. Since these are prototypes, the images aren't fined tuned but I was reassured they will be. I used Milani Yellow Whiz, Chocolate Sprinkles and I think Teddy Brown (Milani is great to stamp with btw).
Be sure to check out Cheeky's page for more previews of the new plates and I'll have manis with the ones they've revealed already :)
Also, here's everyone else who participated in the Summer Challenge today:


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