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Manicured Monkey Presents: Blogger Friday with Cute-iclechronicles !

The first installment of Manicured Monkey Presents!!! Enjoy Courtney! She was doing a guest blog for me anyways so you'll get to know her better, she's rad :) Thanks Court!

Favorite polish brand/color/finish: I'm a lover of the economic mani. My favorite brand is Sinful Colors, my favorite color is anything purple and I'm madly head over heels for the matte look right now.

Why did you start your blog?: I started my blog because I'm a licensed nail technician and wanted to share my love and knowledge of the nail care industry with the world :D (hehehe)

What do you think is your specialty mani?: I really enjoy creating abstract manis. I feel it allows me to be extremely creative and if I make a mistake or the design goes in another direction no one knows but me because it's abstract! LOL!

Where do you look for inspiration? Everywhere...literally! If I see something that speaks to me I try to use that inspiration to create the next great mani.

What’s one mani you have yet to attempt? Water Marble. I just haven't gotten around to trying it yet...but I will. I believe in trying every technique at least once :D

One nail trend you are not on board with: I believe the trend is called duck nails. Personally to me they look like Doritos chips on the end of fingers. Not very flattering. IMO.

Do you have a nail care routine? Yes and no. It's not a routine but as needed. Living in AZ is very rough on the skin. It's such a dry climate that I moisturize all day long, especially after I was my hands. I always make sure to add cuticle oil at least 2-3 times a day especially when I'm creating multiple designs in one day.

What you hope readers take away from your blog: Fun, education and maybe a little inspiration ;) I like to be interactive with my readers. Feel free to leave comments, send emails, smoke signals, doesn't matter. I want to hear what you do and don't like, what you want to see and learn, and what you don't. I'm here to learn and teach and in the end I hope my readers do the same :D
Gold Vinyl Manicure: Orly Liquid Vinyl & Luxe
Hi Monkeys!
I’m Courtney from Cute-icle Chronicles. I’m a licensed Nail Technician, a wife, a mother of 3 (2 teens and a 5yr old), who has a passion for all things nails. I am so happy that Kristin let me guest post today! I've been a huge fan of her blog for awhile so it is such an honor and privilege to post here :)
I really wanted to knock all of your socks off by creating a really cute and magnificent monkey mani; unfortunately I’m not that talented (hahaha). So instead I opted to do something that matches my personality :). 

Introducing the Gold Vinyl Manicure. I love this manicure because it’s classy and can be worn to a party, a night out on the town or even to work (if allowed of course).  To give this manicure a different look you could opt to not have an accent finger and just create the marble effect on all your nails or vice versa.

Here’s how I got this look…
For this manicure, I started with a base of Orly Liquid Vinyl.  For the accent finger, I used Orly Luxe to create the funky design. When making the lines for this design, you’ll want to use a very thin stripper.  For the other fingers, I used both to create a needle marble. When doing a needle marble it is important not to apply too much pressure when dragging the needle across the nail.  Too much pressure removes the polish and leave gaps/lines in your design.
I hope you like it :) I had so much fun creating this for all of you and Kristin.
Thanks for having me at Manicured Monkey.
Until next time!

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