Monday, July 23, 2012

Nail Foils: Agean Tides and NYC: Rhythm n Blues

I have a different post for you today: nail foils! I'll do a separate post of how these work/apply etc but for now just know that I laid down a base of NYC Rhythm n Blues which is a deep medium blue shimmer. Next step is to do a layer of adhesive glue (brushed on) and wait until it's tacky, then lay a foil over your nail. It's quite hard actually. I thought it would be easier but it's a flat surface trying to smoothly adhere to a round/curved nail so there are a few tricks I have yet to figure out. I ordered these awesome foils from (minimum order is $25 so needless to say I have a few nail art items yet to be played with). These are cool if you're not obsessed with having wrinkle free nails; I mean, after all, they're super duper reflective and I'm sure to the average person would look stunning. 

I'm also starting a new blogger series on Fridays.. if you're a newbie and want to promote your
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  1. Although I am a blogging newbie who got bummed out and quit blogging because I only had one follower I do have a few tips for you on the nail foils. Use a soft wide flat brush over the top of the foil once you have gently placed it on the nail. The brush will help get the foil to stick without wrinkling. Another trick is in the adhesive you use there is a glue called "The best glue ever"(or something like that I cant remember the name right now ). I'm out of it. Another tip is not to use a fast drying top coat it tends to make the foils shrivel. Robin Moses has done some cool foils on her youtube page so check her out for more tips and tricks.

  2. wow! this looks amazing!


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