Thursday, July 19, 2012

Zoya: Glossy collection- Swatches

Welcome to the Glossy Collection by Zoya! Let me dive into the swatches for you then we'll chat about the formulas. All were 3 coats and the descriptions are from the press release (and accurate). Check it out...
 Frida (ZP640) - Sheer teal blue jelly gloss- 3 coats
Katherine (ZP638) - Sheer eggplant jelly gloss, buildable formula (Peter Som custom shade)

Paloma (ZP639) - Sheer berry red jelly gloss, buildable formula

All of these are such true jelly polishes. They build well (meaning they darken with each layer). These are jellies so they will never be opaque. My favorite out of these three is Katherine because I'm such a sucker for purples and a purple jelly is nothing short of amazing. I've done some layering with these and I'll show you throughout the next few days. In my opinion layering jellies, or in this case, the Gloss collection is what it's meant for. I have combos with the Zoya flakies as the "meat" of the jelly sandwich. These are just so squishy and lovely. The application is super easy as well, no pooling and they naturally settle onto the nail bed without streaking. 
Stay tuned for the Diva part tomorrow... what do you guys think... jellies are kind of awesome right? :) Loving these!

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  1. It sure is high gloss, but they look unfinished... Its probably becasue I'm use to nail polish not being translucent. I wonder how this line will do $$$

  2. But of all 3 of them I like Paloma the best :)


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