Sunday, August 26, 2012

Revlon: Dots! (guest post)

I have a cute guest post from my cousin today, all the way from Germany :) She's recently into nails and I hope I've fueled that habit :) Thanks Stacey!
Hi All!
I'm a newbie so I hope you like this post. Chipping is a major issue for me. I have a difficult time keeping polish on my nails because the tips of my nails tend to crack and flake off. Which is an issue for many people, especially women have when they have low-iron absorption (I currently am anemic, but am taking supplements to correct the issue). Anyhow, I used Revlon's nail enamel, colors; "Posh" (571) and "Minted" (85) along with a top coat of "Extra Life No Chip Top Coat." I am very pleased with this manni in that it lasted without chipping from Saturday to Wednesday, that is 5 days of wear in my book. I'm still wearing my manni proudly as the chipping is relatively small in the corners and only on 2 fingers on each hand. I have already purchased more Revlon colors because this really worked out well for me. Normally when I do my own manni it lasts 1 day tops without chipping, given I'm a Mommy to my 2.5year old daughter and have to bathe her and clean up constantly around my house which is hell on the cute mani. Best of luck out there in your Mani adventures - pun intended! Best, Stacey =)


  1. YAY for the Revlon Dots Mani!!! Thanks for letting me strut my stuff on The Manicured Monkey - so excited to participate like this ;) Mani happy thanks from Baumholder (Tree holder) Germany =)

  2. Really nice ^w^ I just love dots on nails :)

  3. Thanks for the compliments Jackie and Ky!!!


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