Friday, August 17, 2012

The Manicured Monkey Presents: Beaching Nails

Hello. I'm Beaching Nails  (Sandy)

Blog name: As of now I have it Surfer Girl AKA Beaching Nails. I want my blog more set up for a surfer background. Since Nail surfing is what we all do. I wanted to take with that.

Favorite polish brand/color/finish..  OOH Geez.. I have to pick just 1..Wow..umm. It really depends on the style of art of effect I am  going for. I have about 900 bottles of all different makes and colors. At the moment China Glaze has been my go to polish. It dries quickly and most stamp great... I love Pink polish That color alone I have over 100 But I don't always paint with it. I like to use colors I haven't tried yet or has been neglected and all lonely.. I don't have a preference in a finish but certain Mani's just look 1,000X better matte than shiny.

 Why did you start your blog?:.I have always wanted to start a blog but I thought I could never do it. Im not great on my blog but i do try my hardest. There's  alot I need to add to it still..I have so many other bloggers bookmarked on my pc that I have been reading on for the past 2 years or better. And I wanted to be able to share my work. I will NOT be a "nail snob" I will share my tips and tricks. I will be faithful to my word on products I use, even if they are not great. I will tell you. I am against false advertisement. I want to grow with the Nail Art World and continue to learn exciting and new things. Plus having this blog is a great way that I can see how much or less my progress is.. I have been in the girls shoes who has just started out ,and its tough. Trust me I have been there done that. Read this and that. I have put many hours searching the internet to help me. And I have learned that certain secrets people are not willing to share. I have some things down but not all. I am still learning too. And yes its difficult to stamp straight and center. And you will hear practice -practice-practice too. Trust me i wanted to be a star stamper from the beginning too. And all these things and more i want to share with all my followers and even non followers too. Over time I have gotten better :) and I am proud of my work now. 
 What do you think is your specialty mani?:..Nail Stamping..I am soon going to be pulling out my stuff for free hand art. But its difficult for my non-dominate hand. I really liked how my snake skin Mani turned out. It looked so real. But now I just did a Monroe mani and Wow that came out really good.

Where do you look for inspiration?.. I look, outside,stores, clothes,signs,things in everyday life. Sometimes I just go through my nail plates and get thoughts of images.

What’s one mani you have yet to attempt?..Gel polish and Shellac 

One nail trend you are not on board with: . Stiletto  nails.They are great on others but not my style.

Do you have a nail care routine? .. I do. Common things tho. File,lightly buff occasionally, push cuticles back (which I tend to get sniper happy with) And most important thing is cuticle oil.

What you hope readers take away from your blog:.. I kinda answered that above..oops.. I want readers to be like wow, omg she did that?, how?, I want to do that. How can I do that?.. And i will share :)
Also for fellow readers to see different  colors and brands of polish and how well they apply, how many coats, and how it dries, also how much too. If or when I get a chance for reviews on products I soo want to share all the ups and downs. I want my readers to feel close with me. I am hear to learn from them too. I also want them to see I am a normal person who has house cleaning/yard work and other things i do too just like them and not all my creations will be a success. Although I will try my hardest to make them all successful.Smudges happened,nails break,polish stains,cuticles dry out,acetone is tough on the cuticles,polishes thicken and can never dry right.. Trust me..I have been down all these roads and things I have learned on how to handle these crisis I want to share and problem learn more from other readers too. 


  1. Thank you Very Much for featuring my Blog. :). And thank you nail surfers for reading about me and my blog. I hope you all stop by soon. :)
    And thank you Trisha

  2. Beaching Nails, When I grow up, I want to be just like me...You are so talented and eager to share and help us new folks. I love that you are always have provided me with positive input on my manicures. Keep up the great work....I look forward to see your manicures...


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