Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nail Foils with Gel

Hi Monkeys! I hope you're not tired of my constant experimenting with foils :) This was another mani I did for a soccer game (again, the colors are blue, black and white). These stayed on flawless for 4 days until I took them off :) So I experimented a bit and found this was the best combo for the layers: base coat, polish coat for under foil, foil adhesive, foil, UV gel top coat. This is the only way I will ever do foils again for a few reasons. One being, that the foil DOESN'T shrink! There's no reaction between the UV top coat and the foil so you get a much smoother foil. I still need a bit of practice laying them over flat but it's so much better than previous attempts. Another reason: you can seal in the free edge and thus, making your foils last longer because they don't wear at the tips and chip. Love this and will do it all over again :)


  1. What kind of UV top coat do you (and does it need to be light cured?)? I just recently purchase some foils but I haven't been brave enough to play with them yet!

  2. Hi Stacy, Love the froggie in your picture! I used Jessica Finish gel and you cure it with a UV light. Play with your foils, they're fun! If you're worried about wrinkling, try the random striped method I've done in the past:

    1. Ooohh, good tip, thanks (I remember that post actually and LOVED the mani!)!!
      p.s. Are you really seeing a frog in my picture? It's supposed to be a picture of my (recently deceased) Boston Terrier, Annie!

  3. This is awesome! Did it remove easy or did you have to soak in acetone for 10 min? like with reg gel mani


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