Friday, September 14, 2012

The Manicured Monkey Presents: Life In Color!

Your name: Gosia

Blog name: Life in Color! , also known as ColorfulCrack (

Other links:  Twitter @ColorfulCrack
                   Pinterest: ColorfulCrack

Favorite polish brand/color/finish: I have so many brands that I love that I couldn’t really pinpoint one! I do love blues however! My favorite finish is anything with shimmer.

Why did you start your blog?: As my collection was growing I wanted to show it off to the world. I often get polishes based on swatches seen on other blogs, so I was hoping to inspire others to do the same!

What do you think is your specialty mani?: I do a lot of simple nail art that includes one or two accent fingers. I feature manicures appropriate for work!
Also, my specialty ‘theme’ is Thirsty Thursdays where I feature a drink/cocktail inspired by nail polish!

Where do you look for inspiration? Fellow nail polish bloggers of course!

What’s one mani you have yet to attempt? Gradient nails! They look awesome but I still haven’t gotten around to yet! Also watermarble, that one looks pretty intimidating =)

One nail trend you are not on board with: “Caviar” nails. You’ll never see them on my blog! =)

Do you have a nail care routine? My cuticles would be trashed if I didn’t!! My staples are Lemony Flutter by “Lush” (I use it at least twice a day) and Burt’s Bees Cuticle Cream (I use it very often at work where I use a lot of drying alcohol foam)

What you hope readers take away from your blog: That nail art can be office/work friendly too! I really hope to inspire other people to get some nail polish based on my swatches =)


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