Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Challenge: Freestyle Mummies (or something like it)

 Hi spooky Monkeys! Today's theme was freestyle so.... I thought to myself: "Monkey, you haven't water marbled in a long time, do it!"
I originally wanted to copy Colette from My Simple Little Pleasures, but let's just face it.. .she's boss, so I tried my best. I used a white base and water marbled with black and gray (Sally Hansen's Black out and Wet Cement). I tried using nude colors like Colette used but I wasn't feeling it and believe it or not, my neutral options are limited. Anyways, I marbled best I could in a horizontal pattern (I also dipped all 4 fingers in at one go cuz I'm lazy like that), then took a black striper to add a rectangle for the eyes and then dotted on eyeballs. Colette uses googly eyes but again, like I said, she's boss. Sorry Monkeys, you get dotted eyes .. :) I thought this was too cute not to post for the freestyle day so, here you go!

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  1. Brilliant, well done, superb design and just as good as Colette's!

  2. I saw this tutorial and am definitely rocking this for Halloween!

  3. Very cute I think they turned out great! I want to try these too but my water marbling skills are horrid!

  4. I love how we both went to Collette for marbling lol! Great job!!!

  5. LOL. I tried dipping two fingers at once...it didn't work well. I don't have the small muscle skills for that. I'm impressed. I get terrible drag marks when I try more than one at a time. Sounds like you are also the boss. Not that Colette isn't the boss...maybe you are the VP boss. Cute Mani either way. :D

  6. wow that looks really good
    I still cant quite get water marbling
    I've tried tap filtered bottle room temp warm, glass cup platic cup. different polishes
    i just haven't managed it :) but I am still trying


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