Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween Challenge: Zombies!

Today's Halloween challenge was zombies so I attempted some freehand for you. I suck at freehand (that's no secret) but I've discovered acrylic paints finally! Acrylic paints make it so much easier to control the consistency of your art, plus if you mess up, you wipe it off with water (do a quick dry top coat over your base before your paint). For this mani I stared with Bettina Mojito and sponged Essie Mojito Madness (total coincidence) then worked my way around doing eyeballs, stitches, a brain and failed blood drops on my little finger :) This was quite fun and I really want to do a patchwork mani now using the acrylic paint colors *puts it on to do list that's forever long*.
check out some of the other amazing girls participating in this challenge!


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