Thursday, November 1, 2012

Guest Post: Mimi's Manicures!

Hey everyone, i can't tell you how honoured i am to guest post on our lovely manicured monkeys blog...i am so frggin excited i could burst!  I have only been blogging a short space of time and have met some really cool people...infact i can't believe i didn't do this sooner, so thank you to Kristin for having me!

So today i decided to showcase the beautifully  sublime OPI man with a golden gun, and what a polish it is!  I was so excited when our beauty store told me they were in stock...yes i knew they were in stock before they had even unloaded the order off of the lorry!!  The lovely sales assistant assured me that day they would phone me when they had unpacked and that they did....i hot footed it right  down there again and picked it up (along with another 3 of the Bond collection), i paid £17.00 for it which is expensive but much cheaper than if i had bought it normal retail price.  

MWAGG is an 18k gold topcoat.  Best layered over darker colours it think but i chose to switch it up a bit by layering it over Hits hello kitty Gum, i think they look ahhhhhmazing together!  Man with a golden gun is really hard to get hold of here in the UK, as this is i believe a limited edition, so i am so pleased to own it.  It applies beautifully, the flakes layed flat and they dispersed evenly giving me great joy i dint have to 'fish' for the flakes at all.  The packaging is to die  for, very sleek...very Bond.  I also adored the looks the bomb all in a reflective gold, again very in keeping with a Bond top notch polish and with this in mind it kind of takes away from the rather large price attached to it. 

I hope you guys enjoyed my guest post and once again thank you to the manicured monkey for the opportunity to speak to her lovely readers!


  1. beautiful mani.. luv it .. mimi u r so talented :)

  2. It does look like a lovely polish, this has made me tempted and I don't usually do gold!

  3. Mimi is da bomb! The Honored Monkey is very wise to have Mimi visit!


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