Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sensationail Gel System Review

Hi Monkeys, I have the Sensationail starter kit review for you today along with a magnetic polish from them as well. This kit is different from the gel kit I've put together for myself: it has an LED light! The kit includes the following:
Gel Cleanser
Gel Primer
Gel Base and Top Coat
Gel Color Polish
Lint-Free Wipes (a must for a gel mani)
Double Sided Nail Buffer
Orange Stick
LED Light

It also comes with instructions of how to apply/use the system and they have posted fabulous step by step videos on their website which include how to remove the polish. I wore Scarlet Red for 10 days before I got a chip near my cuticle (I'd chalk that up to an application error by me). I feel like this formula had much more shine than my previously tried gel brands. The formula for the polish is also very pigmented and does not drip, it is thick and rich which helps with application.

I had some problems with the magnetic polish though. Below are pictures of the magnetic polish sans using magnet. I couldn't get the magnet to leave the starbust pattern. I tested the magnet on a different gel magnet polish and it worked so I'm not sure what is wrong. The polish itself though is fabulous without the magnet, it looks like a graphite and is eye catching. I did two coats for these pictures.
EDIT: Sensationail said that the magnet is best used in a specific position and I was probably holding it facing the wrong way (could be possible seeing how I paint my nails different than others tend to do) So I will try it again and do a separate post for you guys on the update.

I really enjoyed using the LED light because it cuts curing time in atleast half which means you can do a gel mani much faster than using a UV light. The Sensationail light fits 4 fingers at a time- I recommend doing your  thumbs as a pair first, then each hand. The light is also small enough to put back in the package and take with you when you travel; I appreciate this!
You can buy the system and any colors online HERE or also use that link to find your local retailer. The light system sells for around $50, including the light, and individual polishes are around $10 and are now at Target so save your holiday gift cards for an affordable LED gel system!

*products mentioned provided for review*

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