Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Milani: New Colors for Spring 2013

Hi Monkeys, I have new Milani colors for spring for you today. They're now available on Milani Cosmetics and where Milani is sold, retail is $4.99. They're all fast dry polishes (60 seconds and you're ready to go!) that have a great flat brush. Enjoy!
A bit less orange in real life, this one was one coat and a typical red to clean up 
 A traditional soft mauve with a frosty finish, this was two coats with no application problems
I promise this is really a purple polish but is so deep with two coats it looks black, either way, great application 
 A stark white frost that is an attention getter, this was two quick coats with good application
 A soft candy pink creme, two coats made me very happy with this color, application and formula is great too
A true teal creme with two coats it melts to a perfect finish and of course the quick dry is a plus. 

I didn't do any top coating with these polishes because I wanted to see how fast they actually did dry (the minute is accurate). I kind of like the squishy look they have with no top coat. Great additions to the Milani Cosmetics Fast Dry line.  In case you're not familiar with this line, most of them are so pigmented they stamp well too. Black Swift is my go to black stamping polish. Check them out!

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  1. Oh I like the teal! I didn't know they were good for stamping, hmmm, might have to look into getting them now lol


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