Sunday, June 2, 2013

OPI: Couture de Minnie- Nail Art Gallery!!

I have some exciting news today: OPI has a nail art gallery dedicated to the Couture de Minnie collection. It is based off of her couture style and what style/nail art she may wear from the collection. Take a look at my designs and at the gallery!

 In my opinion, Couture Minnie would be fashion forward and rock some of the looks you see on the red carpets lately like a color blocking mani (below) but would also push the envelope and wear something nobody has seen before like a mani done with a fan brush using 2 base colors and the hot liquid sand from her collection brushed over in a sugar spun mani design.
As a nod to her classic fashion I did polka dots but with a color block of liquid sand to meet her new couture style... also, who doesn't like hex glitter when talking high fashion so I did my accent nail with Minnie Style and did the diagonal backwards to stand out even more.  I think Minnie would wear some of these manis, be sure to check out the OPI gallery and to pick up the collection if you want to create your own Minnie couture mani.

The last couture look I have for you is one that you see celebrities rocking along with runways; a shape tipped mani. I did this one on a friend and started with a funky half moon design bordered with the chunky glitters from Minnie Style and added an acrylic heart covered in the funky liquid sand, bordered by more of those fabulous sequins.  Love the way this one turned out, it's so fashion forward. 


  1. I really like the last one! Maybe not so comfortable to wear but really original and cute! ^_^

  2. I like these three looks. The second is most likely my favorite. I am not a huge fan of the big red heart in the third set. It seems a bit too much like Valentine’s Day. Thank you for the posts.

    Professional Doctorate

  3. Really like your mani with the polka dots with colour-blocking in liquid sand! Nice touch!


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