Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics- swatches!

Hi Monkeys, I have very (in)appropriate polishes to share with you today- Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics! I have some swatches and even a peek at their Lip Balm called "The Balm". The Balm applies in thin coat, has a nice fruity smell and does not leave your lips feeling oily, only hydrated. Did I mention the smell is amazing? Onto the polish!!!
Cheeky Monkey has a fabulous base and top coat coat; I used both for the swatches. Their Top coat- cheekily named I Like It On Top (base is called Wet Dream and it's a sticky base) *pause for immature giggle*  I Like It On Top makes it look like the polish is under glass, it's amazing. Each bottle comes with a Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics tag that has a tongue and cheek saying in it- adds to the entertainment.

Earth Momma is a deep brown creme that is opaque and melts together in 2 coats with no problems. The formula is super pigmented and you could do one generous coat for full coverage.
 Let's talk Raunchy Bitch- an awesome blurple metallic that is fabulous as well in 2 coats. This has a bit of shimmer to it and shift- the sunlight it shows purple more and indirect light is navy blue. It's awesome.
  Back Alley Sally *pause again for immature laughter* is the perfect pink creme. I've been rocking this as a pedicure for a week and have no chips. Again with the buttery formula and dense pigment. You could easily get away with one coat but I did two and again with their top coat. This is my new favorite pink. Ever. 
 Yummy Mummy is another one coater that Cheeky Cosmetics rocks. It's this great grayish blue with white speckles throughout ... did I mention it is one delicious buttery coat? Topped with I Like It On Top, it cannot be beat. Love this for spring as well because it's different from the regular pastels we'll be over saturated with. 

Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics can be purchased HERE and retail anywhere from $10-$15 and they have a remover that sells for $20 and their Lip Balm goes for $20 and have tons of options including gift packages. They are all 5 Free and NOT tested on animals. Overall their site is just fun to check out, drink recipes to go along with your polish name, cute sayings, some art.. you could easily kill some major time browsing!

*samples provided*


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