Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fresh Indulgence Self Tanner Review

Ah, shorts season, when I get a free pass to place my pasty marshmallow tinted pale legs on display. Because lets face it, if it's between sweating and being a beacon, well I will help you steer clear of cliffs.
I've used self tanners before, and the self part is where I get into trouble. Because this self just hasn't proven it's merit when it comes to an even application. Add to that the oompa loompa fear factor and well, they've been a no go after one too many less than stellar trials. 
Enter in Fresh Indulgence, a UK brand. It's a less harsh chemical alternative, tinted so you can see where it's been applied and an easy to use foam. Alright, self says challenge accepted. 
After exfoliating, I bust out a large oval makeup sponge, (it says use a tanning mitt or sponge... though not which kind of sponge, so I go for what I think will give a smooth application). My first foamy pump is gray. I guess I thought it would be golden beige, but hey, I can see exactly where I've applied it so self continues on. Its pretty quick to apply, it glides on smoothly and evenly as promised. Now, I'm not seeing a lot of color change happening. Patience. Patience. 
Did I mention I had both medium and dark....? Well, it only comes in those two shades, and being the sort of self I am, I decided to try both, one on each leg, to see which would be a better tan. 

 After a good nights sleep, I wake up, shower and toss on a pair of shorts. No staining on my sheets is my first good sign. 
The second, two golden legs. One slight darker than the other, but not so much anyone would notice if they weren't inspecting. (So even if you are pale neither is too much!) I did have some streaks, but right in the center back of my calf, which was pretty much just my lack of application experience, and not bad considering what I thought it could turn out as.
Seeing as it was fast, easy, gave excellent results and has a great natural ingredient list this is now my go to, (and only!!), self tanner. Highly recommend!!  You can find out more about Fresh Indulgence HERE.

*press sample*

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  1. It looks like this product gave your legs some nice color to it. Nice review!


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