Friday, September 5, 2014

Christian Louboutin: Rouge Louboutin (guest post by Mel!)

I wanted to love love this polish more than any other polish EVER. Maybe because I built it up so high in my mind is why actually using it was sooooo disappointing. 
So much hype. 
So fancy.
So not all that and a bag of chips.  

The short brush extra long handle never became comfortable or easy to use, and though I was able to use it easily enough I could never get the right ratio of polish on the brush for my thumbs, which resulted in consistent re-dips and streaks. 
The first coat wasn't as creamy smooth as touted, it dragged. Again, I'm sure it was the short brush, long handle, it creates a dipping vortex in my mind, how far to let it into the bottle? How do I keep from scraping polish on the side? While the stiletto handle is well balanced, it's heavy, it's thick. It will take more than one manicure to get used to. 

As for the two coats super deep shine, it's shiny… but you still will need a top coat. Without it you won't even out the drag marks that it leaves. 

The red, while gorgeous, isn't unique. I love it, it's universal, it's beautiful. But, I have it already, cheaper, with a more user friendly brush.

I'll keep this, even at the high cost, because I do love the bottle. I love the status of it. Not going to lie, I will never own a pair of the shoes, but this, this I can luxuriate in just having on my vanity, simply for vanity's sake. People will think that's appalling. But, I collect polish and this is highly collectible.   


  1. Thanks for reviewing it honestly...I understand the hype (the cost is really absurd, anyway), but after all it's just a red polish, and quite disappointing in terms of application ç_ç
    From a collector's point of view, it's surely a masterpiece ;-)


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