Thursday, October 16, 2014

Younique: Fiber Lash Mascara review

Hi Monkeys! I have a make up related post for you today! Recenlty a reader sent me Younique Moodstruck Fiber Lash Mascara to review. This stuff is really cool once you get the hang of it.  This kit sells for $29 and can be purchased through a representative for Younique (My contact is the sweet Teresa and you can find her page HERE to order and updates from her Facebook and Instagram)
It is made up of two tubes; one with mascara and one with tiny fibers and they're packaged in a really nice clamshell case. The idea of the mascara duo is to lengthen and thicken your lashes. You put on the mascara, a small amount of the fibers (applied like you do mascara but start halfway on the lashes). This is the most important part- start halfway on your lashes with the fibers and don't use a lot or else it will bunch up, then you can do another coat of mascara to seal it in. Repeat if necessary. I used two really thin coats below.
I have a friend who is a professional make up artist and she also tried out the Fiber Lash Mascara and she's a fan as well. Here is her before, one coat and two coat pictures. 
As you can see, she has really short lashes and this builds a bit of length and increases thickness. If you have an eyelash brush, they could benefit from some separating but it still doesn't look clumpy even if you don't bother separating.
One of the main beefs I have with mascara is making my eyes itch (I have super sensitive eyes) and even with the fibers, my eyes didn't itch because I started them halfway up my lash.  The other beef I have is that mascara is so hard to remove that it sometimes damages my lashes, this was easy to remove, I even used a face wipe and it comes clean without pulling my lashes out with it or leaving any residue that irritates my eyes. 

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  1. Nice review! Never heard of this but great to see it worked well for your friend.


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