Monday, December 8, 2014

NYC and Sally Hansen (catch up posts!)

Hey Monkeys! Today I have some catch up posts for you from Halloween\Thanksgiving.. sorry it's so late, but you can still check out the colors :) NYC had some great colors for Halloween\Fall which included a top coat called Rock Muse that was a transparent black base mixed with some super shiny silver hex glitters throughout.I am not affRED and Animal Instinct are this great deep burgundy and opaque medium orange cremes, respectively. Application is always great on these and you can't beat the price point from NYC ($1.99)!
Sally Hansen also released some Fuzzy Coat polishes for Halloween but if you can still find them (or any other of their fuzzy coats), go for it! I layered Fur-ankenstein (bright lime green and black small bar glitter) and Witch-ful Thinking (pumpkin orange and black small bar glitter) over white polish and I love the small bar glitter. Normally with bar glitter your nails look like they are furry and need to have a haircut, but when the small bars are done right, it looks interesting rather than disturbing. The Fuzzy Coat line retails for $5.99 and you can leave it without a top coat if you want a bit of texture. 

*samples provided*

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