Monday, March 30, 2015

Jordana- Color Tint Blush Stick

Jordana's Color Tint Blush Sticks are a new concept to me, so I am happy I got to test them out! First of all, these little gems retail for $2.99 and are easily found in drug stores and online. They are creamy yet pigmented and you can and will need to blend the color out once on your skin. I heavily applied for the swatches on my arm so you could see the true colors, but blending should occur for a more natural look. The packaging is really easy to hold and not messy at all. These would be great for traveling because you wouldn't have to worry about dropping them and the powder shattering into a million little dusty pieces all over in your purse or suitcase. They're smooth but creamy and even feathering it out with your fingers would be fine, no need to make it complicated. They are great for $2.99 and come in lots of colors to coordinate with your look!

*press sample*

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