Wednesday, May 27, 2015

OPI: Soft Shades 2015- swatches

Hi Monkeys, we have the new Soft Shades for you today. All swatches were two coats with clear over matte nail envy!  They're really great, here come the swatches!
I wanted to love this pretty pewter. But, unless you love brush strokes, thin formulas, and spending a lot of time perfecting your application skills... this might not be worth it. Even over a matte base, it caught on hidden cuticles and showed the slightest ridges.
Maybe the promo pics in the magazine have it right, using it only as a ruffian base with black covering most of it? 
I thought maybe a topper could rescue it.  It's decent... the glitter is pretty great..this is one coat of Petal Soft
I really wish my camera could have better captured the subtle shimmer of this one. The application is outstanding, and this white confection is really something special. More than just a clean look, it's got a smooth formula that isn't streaky or chalky.  
A milky cream, with hint undertone of pink, that is sheer perfection. I am not usually a sheer fan, but this was smooth and even to apply. 
And, bonus, instant amazing... add a coat of Make light of the situation. Suddenly, you have the epitome of perfect princess nails. LOVE!
If I could use only one word to describe 'put it in neutral' it would be creamy. So creamy. This is also pink leaning, but rich and decadent on the nail. This is my mannequin hand color! I love petal soft over it, but can't wait to wear it topped with Make Light of the situation. 

The formula and application is as perfect as you can get with a semi sheer soft cream.

  • WHERE TO FIND THEM: Discover the collection from May 2015 at ULTA,, and select professional salons.
**press samples**

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