Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Patriotic Gel Art! and How to do it!

Hi Monkeys, this is a bit over due, sorry things have been super busy lately! My 4th of July mani was super fun and easy and got tons of compliments.
For those wondering how to stamp over gels (love this because it lasts longer!) here's the order:
Prep your nail as you would for gels (buff, clean with alcohol or acetone)
Base gel layer, cure
1-3 coats of color gel, cure after each coat
wipe tacky layer off with alcohol
Stamp as you would a regular mani (I used Konad white polish)
clean up your edges with acetone (be careful here not to flood your nail)
add top gel coat and cure
wipe off tacky layer
And you're good to go!

The white I used is Whipped Cream by IBD and it is by far the best gel white I have found, two coats for that and 3 for the shimmery blue. Loved this mani, reminded me of distressed jeans and Bruce Springteen! Total American!

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